Top 15 Essentials You Need While Flying

I have an addiction. It isn’t to drugs or alcohol.  It isn’t to expensive, fine chocolates.  It’s to lip balm.

I don’t think I go more than an hour without re-applying, unless I’m asleep, and as soon as I need it and don’t have it, I slowly start to have a mini panic attack. I know it’s a problem. How do I fix this problem? I keep it practically every location possible.

It’s the worst to be one hour into your flight and realize you’re trapped in a tin can at 32,000 feet without an essential item. Even more annoying is knowing you have 9 more hours to go before you land. I have taken short and long flights and I am going to hopefully help you not leave anything behind. Keep reading below to see a list of my essential short-flight items.

Let’s talk general flight essentials.

Sturdy (and fashionable!) tote bag–  I have read the reviews over and over again about the Longchamp Le Pliage nylon tote.  I personally own the Bilberry option which is a vibrant purple reminiscent of royalty.  It is sturdy and spacious, and comes in various sizes to fit your needs.  I have the large and find it is good for carrying everything I need to reach for during my short and long haul flights.  Best of all, when you aren’t using it, the bag folds up teeny tiny to pack away in a small space.  (hint: fold up the large or XL size in your suitcase and use it to bring home all of your purchases.)

Lip stuff–  Obviously I can’t be without lip balm. My favorites are the ones from EOS. I like them because they are inexpensive, have nice flavors and since they are shaped like eggs, I can find them down in my overloaded purse. My favorite flavors are blackberry nectar and pomegranate raspberry.

Hand Sanitizer–  I can’t be in a busy airport or in a seat that is probably dirty without getting sick washing my hands.  But I can’t have a sink at my seat or annoy my neighbors by getting up a lot to go to the lavatory.  Because of this, hand sanitizer has become my best friend.  I also am not a fan of strong smells or perfumes, so the only ones I like to use is the plain ol’ trusty sanitizer by Purell.  I either get the clear or green aloe kind and I never get any annoying after smell that gives me or my seat mates a headache.

Headphones–  Since music is life, these are essential on the daily, but especially during a flight.  Sure the airline may give you some, but they don’t fit comfortably nor do they boast quality sound.  Let’s face it, at some point in your flight, you are going to want to watch a movie or tune someone something out, so be sure you have a favorite pair of ear buds to help you out.  I have an iPhone and love the wired earbuds that come with them.  Also, I am cheap and don’t want to buy an additional pair when I already have some I love.

Top 15 Essentials You Need While Flying

Top 15 Essentials You Need While Flying

Earplugs–  In case your headphones, movies, and music aren’t helping the general noise factor, a simple set of foam earplugs can do just the trick.  You can get a pair here and they even come with a handy carrying case.

Sunglasses-  These may or may not be an obvious choice but half the time this is an item I forget I need (even in daily life) until my retinas are on fire and I am buying my 6749875 pair on whim when I have so many pairs at the house.  Even if you don’t have a window seat, chances are someone will leave their blind up and let that direct, unfiltered sunlight shine right into your face.  My faves I’m loving right now are these from Target and pair from Vans that they do not make any longer.  I’ll link a similar pair here.  Having these babies at hand can save you from fashioning your cardigan into an OstrichPillow.

Speaking of cardigans, go ahead and layer up to avoid getting too hot or too cold.  Usually, I layer a super comfortable cute tee like this or this under a light cardigan like this.

While we are on the subject of clothing, it is essential to feel comfy on a flight, but this doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy.  While i loooooove a good pair of sweat pants (plus rubber boots–ask my dog) there are better options to keep you cozy while still making you look like you may or may not have plans for drinks post-flight.  Take your cardigan we discussed above and pair them with a black skinny jean with stretch like these.  Pair this with slip-on flats like these or these and you will be stylish and ready for an easy TSA check.

Please. Pack. Your. Chargers.  Even if you do remember to pack your phone and tablet or e-reader, you aren’t going to get very far after your low battery alert pops up and you are only half way through your flight.  Please don’t be like me.  Go pack them and pack them now before you forget.  If you need a portable charger, I have been using this one and love it.

Hair ties.  Enough said.  These are life if you hate ponytail creases.

No list would be complete without your identification, money, a pen, tickets, and entertainment.  Maybe for you this is a puzzle, a book/magazine, your tablet/computer, or those trusty headphones for watching an in-flight movie.  Maybe it’s a set of adult map colors and coloring book.  Whatever interests you, be sure to pack it because flights aren’t super thrilling between take-off and landing.

Last are the little things that can make all the difference.  This may include tissues, eye drops, headache medicine, water (hydration is key!) and small portable snacks. This can be granola or nuts.  Something to ease the growl of a hungry gastrointestinal tract.

This concludes my list of shorter flight essentials.  What are some of your essentials during shorter flights?  Leave a comment and let me know.  It may be my next item I can’t live without!


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