Tower of London Style

Tower of London Style

Are you going to tour the Tower of London?  Are you wondering what clothing is best to be comfortable, but also show some style?  You’ve come to the right place.  Just know this as tourist anywhere in Europe:  pack what you think is best and cross your fingers.  (Also…bring extra money to buy new clothes when the weather you packed for ends up not being the weather you were dealt.)

–The absolute same can be said for Texas (where I live).  I have always said this is the only place I can have the need to use the heater and the air conditioner all in the same day.–  I digress…

If you read my post on packing for two weeks in Europe, you’ll know that I packed for cooler/windy/rainy and got hot, sweating, melting.  Well it’s the day before we leave (June 5th) and I finally have the pleasure to cool off in 66 degree windy weather.  I love it.  I’m over the moon for sweaters.  As always, I have layered myself to death because Texas has me with PTSD on not knowing how the day will end up.


Tower Of London Style

Tower Of London Style

I have on the MOST comfortable jeans.  OMG they are heaven and look even better.  The black never fades and they have just enough give to not have you unbuttoning your jeans after the appetizers (you’re nodding your head because you know what I’m talking about).  I placed a lace-trimmed tank under my wine-colored sweater just to give the look a little flirty, girly-ness because London makes me feel so posh and dainty.  Topped it off with my fave denim jacket.  It has stretch and feels like nothing at all but really looks so pulled together, even with sweats and sneakers.

My Nike sneakers are new and have rescued me from walking hell around France.  As always, my James Avery ring that I wear every single day and my neewwww (omg I love it) Cluse watch that is divine and has match literally everything I wear.  Wrap it up with a fantastic pair of sunglasses and you’re all set!  The crown jewels ain’t got nothing on you (I kind of smiled and kind of rolled my eyes at myself just now).

That’s all for this look.  It is versatile and can take you to multiple locations.  Sub in a pair of great heels and you will be ready for a casual pub crawl.


I hope you have as much fun as I did in London.  Subscribe to this blog to keep posts like these coming.



Women’s Frame Le Color Rip Skinny Jeans • Frame •
Rag & Bone/JEAN Cuffless Jean Jacket • Rag & Bone •
Aspesi Cashmere Blouse • Aspesi •
Generation Love Nia Lace Top • Generation Love •
Nike Revolution 3 Womens Running Shoes • Nike •
James Avery Jewelry James Avery Sterling Silver Open Sorrento Ring •
Cluse CL18105 La Bohème stainless steel mesh watch • Cluse •
Women’s Diff Dime Ii 48Mm Retro Sunglasses – Black White/ Blue •